Wise to the West - Poems

Wise to the West

— Poems by Wendy Videlock

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    Wise to the West
    Poems by Wendy Videlock

    Paperback ~ $19.95

    116 pages
    ISBN 978-1-77349-113-4

In Wise to the West, Wendy Videlock embraces her Western terrain and surroundings—family, neighbor, barbershop, morning shower, coyote, badger, wolf, blackbird, hawk, canyon, mesa, mountain—with songs, odes, witticisms, lamentations. Along the way, she tilts toward the grand view of the world around—relaying turns of uncertainty or affirmation, history or the latest news, myths and the mystic—and gifting us musings and meditations in her unique style full of quirks, wit, wisdom, and surprising turns. In Wise to the West, Videlock delivers yet another inspired and delightful collection.


      Here in the west, whatever
      one’s pain,
      one never complains
      about the rain.
      What’s good for the plains is bad for harvest.
      What freezes in spring
      is sugar-beet borrowed.
      The river depletes.
      The groves expire.
      What blooms
      in summer is wildfire.



[Videlock’s] craft is worthy. Her delicate turning of a line is as breathtaking as it is brief.
  — Jeffrey P. Beck, Borderlands

The wordplay is irresistible.
  — Ann Drysdale, The Shit Creek Review

She has a playfulness with the language and an undeniable wit that makes her work rather difficult not to enjoy.
  — Marissa Fox, Gadfly Online

At play in the spacious fields of her wit and down to earthiness.
  — Matt Sutherland, Foreword Reviews

Just as one can walk into a room in an art gallery, see a painting for the first time and immediately recognize it as a Van Gogh or a Cezanne, one immediately knows when one is reading Videlock.
  — Jeremy Telman, Valparaiso Review


Wendy Videlock lives on the western slope of the Colorado Rockies with her husband and their assorted critters. Her work appears in Hudson Review, Oprah Magazine, Poetry, Dark Horse, the New York Times, Best American Poetry, and other venues. Her books are available from Able Muse Press, and her upcoming collection of essays and haibun, The Poetic Imaginarium: A Worthy Difficulty (Lithic Press), will appear in mid-2022.