The Dark Gnu and Other Poems

The Dark Gnu

and Other Poems by Wendy Videlock

Now available from Able Muse Press (January, 2013)

Full-length collection of original poetry, for children of all ages, from Wendy Videlock now available for Order from Able Muse Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Foyles, and other online and offline bookstores worldwide.



      The Dark Gnu and Other Poems
            by Wendy Videlock
      Paperback ~ $19.95

      (Able Muse Press, January 2013)
      96 pages (paperback)
      ISBN 978-1-927409-09-1 (paperback)

      The Dark Gnu and Other Poems - Deluxe Edition
            by Wendy Videlock
      Hardcover (with Dustjacket) ~ $39.95
      (Able Muse Press, January 2013)
      94 pages (hardcover)
      ISBN 978-1-927409-13-8 (hardcover)
      The Deluxe Edition, in addition to the hardcover and dustjacket, uses premium glossy stock and special ink, resulting in vibrant color images and print, and overall luxurious feel. The difference is clearly noticeable when compared to the standard, paperback edition of this book.


    Wendy Videlock’s The Dark Gnu and Other Poems plays, jokes, teaches, admonishes, yields to the ecstatic, and strays into the shadowy where “If not for the dark, / no / spark.” All of this is heightened by striking full-color illustrations from the author herself. There are stories that come and go in a couple of blinks, and stories that linger and juggle their way from hut to the market, to the fair, on a “swaying dappled mare,” to get to all the good to be had or done. Mother Goose, myth, folklore, chants, lyrics and narratives are well-represented. Like Nevertheless, Videlock’s first collection also from Able Muse Press, The Dark Gnu abounds with fun, quirks, wit, and wisdom, but this time to enchant and enlighten children of all ages.


    Wendy Videlock’s poems contain laughing pears, rhyming coyotes, and jaded wind. In reading this book, I found myself laughing and gasping in equal measures. And cursing, as well, because Videlock is so damn good and I’m so damn jealous of her talent. She is one of my very favorite poets.
                     —Sherman Alexie

    Reminiscent in some ways of Shel Silverstein’s classic collections, Videlock’s new book, The Dark Gnu and Other Poems, supplements sly whimsy with mystery and a hint of tragedy. These poems remind readers “of all inconceivable ages” that not all problems have solutions and that some narratives end in mystery rather than in resolution.
         The Dark Gnu is enhanced by the author’s illustrations that deepen the allure of the poems.
         The voice is unmistakably Videlock’s, but in this new collection we hear the echoes of Lewis Carroll and Edward Gorey.
         These are the sorts of poems that children will demand to hear again and again and that parents will want to recite to each other and to their friends.
                     —Jeremy Telman


    Wendy Videlock lives on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies. Her full-length book of poems, Nevertheless, was released in 2011, and her chapbook, What’s That Supposed to Mean, appeared in 2009. Her poems have been published widely in literary journals, most notably in Poetry and The New York Times.